Ranch Fencing

Ranch Fencing Serves To Create A Property Boundry And At The Same Time Should Keep Your Livestock Contained.

Ranch Fences

Ranch fencing is used mainly to keep livestock contained on the property. It also serves to identify the boundaries of the ranch. Some styles of fencing may serve best to contain livestock, others simply mark the property and yet other styles provide the best of both worlds. Listed below are various styles of some of the more popular and common ranch fencing in use today.

Wood Rail Fence

The wood rail fence is perhaps the most classic and traditional style of ranch fencing. You will recognize this style of fencing by a single horizontal rail running between short vertical posts. Although this may be one of the most inexpensive fence styles is can also be very difficult to maintain. This type of fence is not known for its strength and durability. Larger animals can break the horizontal boards and even run through the fence. Although it provides a visual border structure it may not be the best fencing option for larger livestock such as horses and cattle.

Pipe Fence

Fencing constructed from metal piping has become very popular and can be seen on many ranches. This type of fencing is more expensive but can make excellent holding pens, viewing and training pens or chutes for livestock. The Pipe Fence is constructed using metal piping welded together. Usually this structure will consist of three horizontal rails between metal posts. A few advantages of the Pipe Fence is its extended lifetime, easy upkeep, strength and durability.

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh fencing has become one of the favorite fencing options due to ease of installation and low cost. The fencing material used is also considered to present the least chance of injury to livestock however the mesh holes in the fence must be small enough to prevent calves or colts from getting their hooves entangled.

Vinyl or PVC Fence

Out the gate Vinyl or PVC fence has a number of advantages but also has a few disadvantages. It is highly visible, comes in many different styles and colors, requires almost no maintenance after installation. A major disadvantage of vinyl or PVC fence is its cost, compared to other types of fencing vinyl or OVC fencing is very expensive. Another major disadvantage is vinyl and PVC can be prone to having its rails pop out of their posts if pushed on by livestock.

Electric Wire Fence

Electric wire fence generally offers an inexpensive and easy installation. However this type of fencing is know for its high maintenance requirements and lack of durability. It must be checked for operation and possible damage on a regular basis. If it ceases to operate properly it can present a weak retaining barrier for managing an area of property. Sometimes as an added option a single electric wire can be run on other types of fencing for added retention effectiveness.

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