Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing Offers Virtually No Maintenance Over The Lifetime
Of The Fence.

Wooden Fences

From fencing, pergolas and even vinyl decking, vinyl can offer a great investment potential in your home. Some of the advantages associated with vinyl fencing may include:

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is made of plastic which means it is not only extremely flexible and resilient, but also demands very minimal or no upkeep at all. You don't have to repaint it ever, because it has the same color through the entire depth of the vinyl material and minor scratches or scuff marks will not show as readily making it a preferable option for those who have pets. Once put in, your vinyl fencing will always appear just as fresh and fancy as the very first day. It's very easy to clean with basic detergent and water.

Long Lasting

Vinyl fencing, unlike wood, has no risk of decomposing, rotting or rusting as many of the conventional fencing components do.


Vinyl fencing is ideal for any type of weather conditions, it is tolerant to hot sunny days and its color still will not fade. Vinyl fences are also water-proof and seem to be an effective choice for seaside areas where there is an elevated concentration of humidity and salt water exposure.


Vinyl fences are typically much more robust than wood which makes for a more reliable and long lasting solution. This characteristic provides for more security and safety in adverse conditions.

Environmentally friendly

It's a general misconception that vinyl is made of chemicals that are hazardous, but the truth is vinyl fences are absolutely non-toxic, they are made up of chlorine which is taken from from hydrocarbons derived from natural gas and salt. Vinyl material can also be recycled into other products, thus reducing the waste.

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